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hand truck with moving boxes It's moving day!  While moving to your new home should be an exciting and memorable time, lack of planning can quickly turn good times into, well, not so good times.  No worries!  Armed with a few helpful hints, your moving day can go from hectic to happy.

Help your movers out by numbering all of your furniture.  Sketch out a floor plan of your new place, and write in numbers where you want the corresponding furniture to be placed.  That way all the movers have to do is refer to your handy key to put things in their places.

Make sure you are present when your mover picks up your belongings, as well as when he drops them off.  Your mover will give you an inventory of all items packed, and it's up to you to make sure that those items arrive safely.

If you are moving yourselves, or if friends and family are helping you, have all of your packing done ahead of time.  All you should have to do on moving day is pick up boxes and large pieces of furniture and load them up.  If you have kids and pets, keeping them out of the way on moving day will help the process go more smoothly. 

If you have hired movers, make sure you leave in time to get to your new home before them.  If you are going a particularly long distance, figure out a way to communicate with your moving company so that you can be kept apprised of any delays, detours, or delivery issues.

moving truck ramp loading a truck on moving day moving household goods with a one-way rental truck

If you know that you are going to arrive at your location any time after late afternoon, book a hotel room and save the moving in for the morning.  While you may be eager to move into your new home, the move will go much better if you have had a good night's sleep.

Unless you are paying the movers to help you unpack, don't unpack everything at once.  Sort your labeled boxes and put then in the rooms where they belong.  That will allow you to unpack those things that are necessary, while your other belongings can be unpacked at a more leisurely rate.  If you take your time unpacking instead of throwing things in closets and cupboards, your home will be more organized.  Enjoy your new home!

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A Yellow Moving Truck Tows a Family Car

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Moving Day

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Moving Team Loading a Moving Truck